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About Us

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Mission Statement

 The Tips Outdoors Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that has been established to provide, support, and partner with organizations conducting fun, hands-on, outdoor educational experiences. We provide Certified Outdoor Mentors and Mentor Training. Our purpose is to introduce kids and families to outdoor related activities, helping to build family values. The Foundation also partners with corporate sponsors to produce outdoor sports related special events. The purpose of each special event is to raise funding and awareness by utilizing all types of media focusing on the cause and mission of each nonprofit organization.  

Vision for the Outdoor Mentor Training Initiative

The vision for the Certified Outdoor Mentoring Program is to provide the leadership (locally and nationally) necessary to motivate and empower our partners (existing outdoor organization, mentoring groups, corporations and individuals) and to provide: Certified Outdoor Mentors, and mentor training, and the resources to participate, the gear needed to experience the outdoors, the social support necessary for continued participation, the outdoors education to be good steward of the resources, to provide multiple outdoors experiences (leaving them wanting for more) and matching said outdoor mentors to inexperienced youths, adults and families. 

Mentoring Initiative

Raising Funding And Awareness

Producing outdoor special events raising funding and awareness utilizing all  types media focusing on the nonprofits mission and purpose

2018 Tips Outdoors Event Schedule

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